• Multigenerational Tradition

    Multigenerational Tradition

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Blacksmithing is not just a job and performance tradition passed down from generation to generation , but above all passion...

Forges SARI founded in the eighties of the twentieth century Stanislaw Musial, in 1996 - took over the reins in the forge son Paul, the backbone of the company are skilled blacksmiths and metalworkers artistic directors with many years of practice.

From the very beginning of the forge, we rely on the creative enthusiasm of our team and the desire to create perfect products of wrought metal . Family tradition improved with the latest design and rich experience that makes projects we can offer you the order on the basis of individually prepared project or supplied by your design - just sketch the idea and we leave the execution.

The basic premise of our work is traditional, manually perform all elements and attention to detail finishing of our products. We carry original designs metalwork , we also specialize in complex forms. With great success , we combine metal with other materials such as wood, stone , glass, ceramic and non-ferrous metals . We also renovation forged elements

We guarantee our customers a professional , extremely reliable and worthy of the highest trust services in consulting , measurement, design , preparation of documentation , transportation, and installation of our products. Carry out orders also abroad . We are happy to work with designers and architects.



Wrought iron is probably the second oldest profession in the world… A piece of iron a day fell into the flame , and out of the fire was so soft that it yielded to the will of man, change shape according to his idea. After cooling again was " hard as steel" . The new shape steadfastly served his creator.

Man's relationship with iron today is inseparable and present in every latitude and in every area of ​​life . Blacksmiths metal tore the ground and with the help of his great knowledge passed on from father to son , have made this magical transformation for other people . Blacksmith's work was mysterious and difficult but always for good of the whole community. Blacksmith forging tools like as swords, door fittings and horseshoes.

Referring to the rich tradition of blacksmith's , the daily work we try not to use the word "IMPOSSIBLE". This applies to all areas which we encounter in the course of daily duties . Here , the impossible becomes possible. All thanks to denial , hard work and positive attitude...



When the blacksmith began to be art? I think it has become a parallel desire embellish everyday object is in our nature.

Today, blacksmithing is crafts. It has both qualities, decorative and unique character. With Wrought Iron create fences, gates, fences, gates, bays, balustrades, grills, tools and many other items have a unique style.

In our opinion, is the art of wrought steel, extremely durable and unique, as the hand-forged blacksmith work always arouse respect and admiration.

Our experience guarantees the execution of each job, meeting the highest aesthetic and quality requirements.



Touching wrought iron fragment you can feel under the skin of the strength of the four elements...

Earth - which is derived from metal. Fire - which forces him to metamorphosis. Air - that stimulates the fire. Water - which hardens, giving a final hardness of the forged form.

It is worth donate a massive wrought iron fence, elaborate in detail table or rack the form of vines. Forged items will always be a unique decoration environment.

We offer wrought iron products are a unique combination of modern design and touching many years of family tradition blacksmith. Thanks to craft our products are absolutely unique, and each copy unique. We are confident that during their use, you will appreciate the craftsmanship of which they were made...