• Multigenerational Tradition

    Multigenerational Tradition

    Highest Quality

Our products have individual , unique designs , as most of the details of the forging using hands, hammer and anvil.

Taking care of the durability and quality of our products we use the highest quality materials . Starting from the selection of the parameters of steel and size of the materials , to the use of persistent connections riveted forged heat.

Great importance in our work we attach to projects and design so as to satisfy the most fastidious tastes of our customers. Under the influence of high temperature shaping iron and metal , resulting in the forging of a unique finishing railings , fences , furniture and decoration.

Simple forms of finish combining with modern architecture , do not require time-consuming manual processing blacksmith but locksmiths , so we equipped our forges, with modern machinery enabling faster execution of orders and reduce costs. Modern tools we use to connect , cutting, smoothing and preparing the surface for various kinds of anti-corrosion coatings.



Careful selection of materials, steel, allows us to offer high quality products.

Prior to execution of the project we analyze the selection of appropriate materials, such as flat or steel profiles. Each structure should be characterized by high strength, because the choice of materials plays an important role in the execution of the order. Assessing goods worth paying attention to some details:

Thickness of material - often competing companies excessively reduce the thickness of the materials used (to reduce prices), resulting in product does not meet the design requirements and quality standards.

Type of material - it's worth a look at how is the surface of the metal, is it no processing of the raw material defects, and if it is forged as much effort. This at first glance, hidden detail often determines the end result.



Hot dip galvanizing commonly referred to as hot-dip galvanizing is one of the best methods of protection against corrosion.

No one today is not surprising that the protection of steel against corrosion is essential. This applies equally to large buildings and small parts made of steel the size of a nail or screw. Examples of the use of hot-dip galvanizing show beyond doubt that it is the best way to protect steel from corrosion.

The zinc coating protects the steel for many years and requires no maintenance . In addition, you can extend its service life and to give the desired aesthetic qualities to the surface of the galvanized coating an extra coat of varnish or paint.

Due to the long period of corrosion protection which provides fire zinc , it is very economical protection . Costs incurred at the time the shell in relation to the period of its durability appear to be negligible.



We protect our products against corrosion by painting traditional and powder.


To provide effective protection against corrosion in places difficult to reach using traditional methods while painting decorative elements are embedded in anticorrosive paints. Then we paint by spray our products.


Powder coating technology, allows you to get a coating that meets both the decoration and protection - reducing the undesirable effects of mechanical and external factors, such as corrosion, solar radiation and UV. We are able to paint the powder all elements. The great advantage of painting powder is able to choose from a wide color RAL.



Art finishing products through artistic aging the...

We create things having their own style and soul. Original elements forged, hand patina and interesting design make our products perfectly blend into any environment, giving it an unusual characterWe create things having their own style and soul. Original elements forged, hand patina and interesting design make our products perfectly blend into any environment, giving it an unusual character

On request we make patination of our products, shades, gold, silver and copper.